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For those who frequently find themselves asking dinner guests, “Is this your card? We’re not just talking about learning a few party tricks, though.

We’re talking how to swallow fire and lay on a bed of nails at Coney Island’s Sideshow School.

From learning to sharpen a knife to mastering the flavors of Vietnamese cooking, even the most adventurous home cooks can use a refresher.

The Culinary Institute of America offers a variety of cooking boot camps in Hyde Park, NY; St. If you’re only able to dedicate two days to a camp, you can take a basic skill development crash course.

We 100% support summertime leisure activities and fully believe you should stock up on outdoor barbecues, beach days, and rooftop cocktails from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

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To facilitate your rocking out, the course puts each student through all the roles of the band -- that way you understand what each member’s role and responsibilities are in a functioning rock band.

Whether you’ve always wanted to become a professional chef, or just think you should be prepared for the zombie apocalypse, there’s a summer camp to check out, and you won’t have to sing songs around a campfire or sleep in a bunk bed.

(Unless you want to.) John Wayne had a tendency to make the whole “cowboy” thing look easy.

By the end of August, you’ll have a handcrafted floatation device perfect for lazy summer afternoons.

If you can’t get through your commute home without revving your engine at every red light to challenge all of the other minivans on the road, then maybe you have what it takes to be a professional race car driver.

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