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How many of you had people in your lives that created opportunities for you to test your fullest and deepest strengths, abilities, and skills?How many of you had genuine, loving, and compassionate adults in your life that were mindful of creating positive growth experiences in preparation opportunities for adulthood?I think I drank half the lake and had serious abdominal issues for 2 months following this event.Needless to say I never embarked on or even thought about trying to do another triathlon until I met my now husband while he was training for and then completed the Brazil Ironman back in 2011.I was pretty nervous and shy being such a novice to the sport.I had tried one triathlon many years prior with a friend who convinced me to sign up for a Tempe Town Lake Sprint Triathlon back in 2000 or so.I had no idea the distance, but I was in since my first experience with TNT was so positive.I figured if nothing else, I would raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and finish a triathlon and if I embarrassed myself, I would be out of state and no one I knew would see. I finished my first Olympic distance tri in September 2012. Why I keep doing them is they have pushed me outside my comfort zone. On a volleyball court, I will not think twice about kicking you when you are down.

Doing triathlons keeps me focused on keeping myself in somewhat halfway good physical condition.Somehow I survived camp and even learned there were RULES in triathlon, such as staying a few bike distances apart from the person ahead of you.This blew my mind; I printed off all the rules and read them thoroughly before my first race.Well, it seems, if you hang around crazy long enough, you will become it.New Year’s Eve came around and I made it my resolution to complete a full distance Ironman event within three years. I couldn’t sleep the night before because I knew we were going on a group ride, and I had never ridden with others, nor had I ever ascended or descended a hill; what’s Gates Pass?

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