Updating ipod touch to 2 2 for

Be aware this will wipe out all of your content and settings, essentially forcing you to start from scratch.

13.) Two finger scroll When you’re viewing a frame or large text box on a web page in Safari, you might notice that scrolling with your finger moves the entire page, not the content within that frame or box.

You can usually force quit to resolve this issue this by pressing and holding the Home button for 6-7 seconds.

12.) Wipe it clean I had a friend whose i Pod touch would not sync with i Tunes and then received an error when a restore was attempted.

2.) Web Clips Similar to what you can do on a Mac with Dashboard, Safari on the i Phone & i Pod touch lets you add a web page to your home screen.

When viewing a web page, press the button on the bottom of the screen to bring up the following options: Add Bookmark, Add to Home Screen, and Mail Link to this Page.

9.) i Pod music controls Even though both the i Phone and i Pod touch are multi-use devices with a growing number of functions, they are first and foremost still members of the i Pod family.

Pressing the Home button twice, regardless of what application you’re using or if the device is locked, will bring up i Pod music controls so you can conveniently pause, skip songs, or adjust the volume.

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We were able to resolve the issue by going to Settings Erase All Content & Settings.

10.) Go straight to the top If you’re in an application that requires you to scroll a lot (like a long web page in Safari), it can be tiresome to make your way back to the top.

That is, unless you give a quick tap to the status bar (where the clock and battery indicator are).

To move an icon, tap, hold, and drag it to the desired location.

If you’d like to remove an application altogether, press the little X attached to its icon (note this will only work for downloaded apps, not Apple’s built-in apps).

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