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If you still can not find a solution, then submit a support ticket explaining what the error message is.Revenue now requires employers to enter the gross medical insurance premium eligible for tax relief for each employee that has their gross premium paid by the company.Rewind any zero payments, or manually adjust your P35.ROS ERROR: "Total Weeks Insurable has too large a value in the P35L for John Smith, PPSN: 1111111L"SOLUTION: You probably entered too many insurable weeks for one of the payments.In July, your software calculates a £30 student loan deduction, which means you can recover up to £30 towards the underpayment that month (a £60 deduction in total). The deadline for submitting your P35 return is the 15th February. In February, your software calculates an £80 National Insurance deduction, which means you can recover up to £80 towards the underpayment that month (a £160 deduction in total). You can’t recover more than the amount of National Insurance the employee owes in a month (so the employee pays no more than double their normal contribution). You can then recover the amount from your employee by making deductions from their pay.

What you need to do depends on when you made the mistake. Update the year-to-date figures to the corrected amount in your next regular Example You deducted £50 too little in June.FORM P35 2016 – END OF YEAR EMPLOYER DECLARATION Click Here to Download Our Top Tips For Starting Your Payroll In 2017 Each registered employer in Ireland is obliged by law to account each year for the PAYE, PRSI, USC and LPT deducted from his or her employees.An annual form is used for this purpose which is commonly known as a Form P35.Here are the instructions: https:// To set up pensions, please follow these instructions: https:// (Under Common Queries Pensions) Q. Payback have a P35 error fixing facility where it is possible to quickly fix common errors like incorrect PPS numbers etc. I'm still having problems producing the P35 return. The support department is very busy in the weeks leading up to the P35 return. If you need to upgrade then click Admin/Backup/Backup to backup your data (this is very important). The P60 template issued by Revenue does not have a year on it.We do not recommend email as your query may get lost and will not be logged. Then download and run the upgrade file from https:// Q. However, due to requests from our customers, we have updated the certificate to now include the year.

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