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My favorite lines have already been mentioned, but I did laugh at: Marina. It must be a nice change of pace from filming a tn, although the touring schedule looks pretty brutal and they will apparently bring it to D. Thank you for the Dam Fabulous, Dam Spectacular, Dam Pieceof Literary Work. I am disappointed that she is no longer doing telenovelas. Hi Vivi, thanks for the links for SN's new play. Cap'n Sylvia "I don't believe I have EVER seen anyone look as dazzling in the dreaded houndstooth pattern pants as Marina. It takes a heart to know the difference between love and obsession. It is amazing that you took the time to fill in the blanks; it is so much work.I like everyone else appreciate the fact that you recapped two episodes that made total sense of the one that we watched. Gracias Amigos, I've been away for months and only just dropped in last week. Claudio - I'd buy your advice if you yourself were in a long-term happy committed relationship. NM: ' Are we past the point where Marina has to act like a moron? Marina only has a teeny tiny potion of her brain that is active right now. --Doris I want Guy Ecker to look at me with his ojos.Mercedes does not want to justify Dam Right buuuut she understands Dam Fine's anger at seeing Marina and Hernan dancing so close together. They really get into it and You are a champ Mauricio. Favorite this time: Mercedes says Dam Brute is a brute but with a Dam Big Heart. and really appreciate that you took the time to put in the deleted scenes. Don't apologize your recaps are always very detailed and a wonderful read. Glad Jaz/Lu overheard that convo with Fully and SHUTUPROSY.Marina is tired of telling Dam Fab that there is nothing between Hernan and her. No need to apologize since you're really doing two or three recaps in one. Your craft takes time ; )Who would have evah thought Macario would be the voice of reason??? For once I wish Laz had taken up on Fully's offer to get Jaz/Lu out of there. Herny has a hissy fit more and more doesn't he?

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Pester hires Consuelo, the seamstress, as Baby Michel's new nanny. Pester hands Baby Michel to Consuelo and tells her to take him over to her place. Her happiness is cut short when Guerrero shows up and wants to have a chat with her. If Pester refuses to chat with him then he can legally make her chat with him and even accuse Pester of being Ernie's accomplice. He thinks Claudio is right and he has to quit being an animal and trust Marina more. Guerrero has been investigating Ursula's attempted rape. "We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with! " -- riberajoe The Feds: Robles and Guerrero have made made advances in their investigations. Robles sends Guerrero to do a Pester interrogation and find out all Pester knows about Ernie.It turns out Nereo's "alibis" are Dumb and Dumber aka Valdivia and Lara. Over at the local breakfast joint in the capital: Dam You Look Oh So Fine Even When Eating is munching on an Egg Mc Muffin and some french fries. Dam Fab mentions being pissed off at seeing Marina with Hernan.Valdivia, Lara, and Nereo tell Guerrero they were playing dominos while chugging the booze. (Damn you Uni for cutting this scene) His Dam Mind is elsewhere. At the mention of Marina, Claudio comments on Marina's beauty. Claudio calls him out on his jealously and being back to his old habits.

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