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The SC/MP architecture forces memory to be split into pages of 4K bytes each.

The NIBL interpreter resides in the lowest page 0 (#0000-#0FFF).

By then I had learned BASIC through a Radio Shack text book, but I had never really entered those mysterious commands on a real computer.

Then came the moment that our local electronic component shop had a Commodor PET computer on display.

The interpreter requires at least 2K bytes of RAM starting at address #1000 (page 1), of which the interpreter uses nearly 300 bytes for variables, stacks etc., leaving. NIBL uses only 26 integer variables (a severe limitation).

The varables are stored as 2 byte two's complements starting at address #101C.

Many of these features, such as a genuinely useful control structure (the PASCAL-influenced DO/UNTIL) and the indirect operator ("@") have been added to the language to allow NIBL to be nearly as flexible as machine language in such applications as medium speed process control. The original NIBL program was available in a ROM with type number INS8295.

By using NIBL, one trades the high execution speed and low memory consumption of machine language for some very tangible advantages: Program readebility, modifiability, and reliability, which are truly difficult to achieve in machine language programs. The INS8295 is a programmed version of the INS8332.

By then, reading everything I could find on the topic, I had pretty much figured out how computers worked.I had even build a machine language programmable microcomputer based on the SC/MP processor from National Semiconductors[1].Nevertheless, the idea that using a computer language like BASIC you could program a computer so that it would solve something like the ABC formula was allmost beyond comprehension.The SC/MP processor however remained my favourite processer until the mid eightees.When National Semiconductor announced that they would stop production of the SC/MP, I was able to buy a tube full of them for a friendly price so that I would have an "all time stock".

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