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From this quantum leap in design technology came the Prowler, a retro-roadster/speedster hybrid that was meant to look futuristic with an open-wheel frontend and low-slung hot-rod fuselage.While this design might have looked cool on an old Mac computer screen, it did not translate well to the showroom.The Plymouth Prowler, released in 1997, is not one of them.By the mid-1990s, car designers worldwide had access to powerful new computer tools that enabled them to design new cars quickly and easily using a computer mouse and not much more.Chrysler went all-in on the Prowler in the mid-1990s and stuck its standard 3.5 liter V6 engine under the bonnet.Unfortunately, this engine was only capable of producing a lackluster 250 horsepower, which disappointed people who expected so much more from the car.As much as we like to sweep sex under the rug (or hide it in our bedside drawer), objectification is a form of dehumanization, and sexually subjectifying women is necessary to humanize them.

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Powered by a weak two-stroke engine that maxed out at a paltry 18 horsepower, the Trabant was a car constructed entirely of recycled materials. Designed in the 1950s, the Trabant was billed by the government of the time as East Germany’s answer to the Volkswagen Beetle on the other side of the Berlin Wall.It wasn’t until three years later, after completing eating disorder treatment and having a feminist awakening in college, that I realized what I’d been trying to do: subjectify myself.How do we learn to please ourselves when we’re only taught how to please others?Most of these cars were quickly abandoned by their owners once in West Germany. Designed as a hatchback with a snout, the Chevette is widely viewed as one of the most unloved and ugly cars to ever roll off an assembly line.While some other automotive misfires such as the Pacer and the Yugo actually have fan clubs devoted to them, the Chevette is considered by most people as a car that is best left forgotten.

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