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Cosways Holiday Park is a holder of the coveted David Bellamy Gold Award for Conservation.

Situated on beautiful and historic Mersea Island overlooking the sparkling Blackwater estuary.

Mersea Island is attached to the mainland by a causeway "The Strood" which is covered by the tide a few times each month.

The mudflats and salt marsh on East Mersea are part of the Colne Estuary National Nature Reserve managed by English Nature. Walkers, cyclists and wheelchair users have the transport option of the East Mersea to Brightlingsea ferry.

Immediately Little London was outside our hut on the sand playing with the new toys he’d discovered hiding under one of the benches.It was all going great until one crab decided to drop off the net and scuttle under Little London’s leg- something he still tells people about today.As an activity though I highly recommend it whether you have children or not, it’s cheap and really quite thrilling 😉 With Little London now scared of crabs though, we decided to hop on a boat at the end of the pier for a little jaunt around the Mersea coast.The West Mersea Oyster Bar is a totally unassuming restaurant. It’s simple and basic in its design but they deliver on their food. I just wish I didn’t have gestational diabetes so I could have tucked into all the fresh bread too, and those oysters would have gone down a treat too had I not been pregnant!Before walking back to our beach hut we decided to head towards the West Mersea Pier. Being total novices to crabbing we headed into a little cafe just opposite the pier and picked up our crabbing necessities.

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