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Questions surrounding developers of a subdivision, the plat for which was approved under the 1963 Land Subdivision Act, Sections 47-5-1 et seq., NMSA 1978 (the "1963 Act"), application to the county board of commissioners for approval of a new subdivision plat pursuant to the 1973 Subdivision Act, Sections 47-6-1, et seq., NMSA 1978"1973 Act") and current county subdivision regulations.

May incumbent Santa Fe City Council members, unable to receive pay increases voted for new council members but who assume duties and responsibilities not assumed by all members, receive additional compensation for the performance of such duties? Can the Financial Institutions Division issue a trust company certificate to a New Mexico Corporation if all of its common stock is owned by an out-of-state bank holding company? If a trust certificate is issued, can the resulting trust company operate in the main office or branches of banks owned by the holding company?

Is DVR under any statutory or regulatory duty to continue to seek a successor agreement with AFSCME through negotiation, mediation or fact-finding?

does the appointing authority, whether acting separately or jointly, have the power to create advisory members and invest them with voting privileges?

May the State Board of Education, pursuant to the terms of Section 22-2-7 NMSA, 1978 require that the State Superintendent of Public Instruction and designated employees of the State Department of Education obtain bonds in excess of those obtained pursuant to the Surety Bond Act? Does the two percent administrative charge authorized by Section 7-38-38.1 NMSA 1978 affect the state's distribution to a school district pursuant to Section 22-25-9 NMSA 1978?

Is the beef council a state agency as defined by Sections 6-3-1 and 6-3-9 N. Is there currently a binding collective bargaining agreement between the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation ("DVR") and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees ("AFSCME")?

Whether the Environmental Improvement Board can make minor, nonsubstantive corrections, such as typographical and grammatical corrections, to its regulations after a public hearing on the regulations but prior to filing.

Does the New Mexico State Racing Commission have the authority to prohibit an attorney from representing a client before the Commission in adjudicatory proceedings or public hearings on the basis of alleged misconduct?

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