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While she has been building her empire, her friends have been getting married and starting families.

Anthony Atala Is Pioneering Organic Growth y first responsibility is to my patients,” says Anthony Atala, A. “It’s funny how serendipity works,” says Atala, who didn’t envision that his medical career would include research. ’92, married last year, announce the birth of their son, Augustus John Kettle. ’82, a personal organizer and motivation coach, runs a New York-based company called Let’s Get Organized. ZDNet is a property of CNET Networks, a global media company informing and connecting buyers, users, and sellers of technology, consumer electronics, and gaming products. His Cincinnati architectural firm specializes in commercial and industrial facilities and consulting for clients in the automotive, steel processing, heavy manufacturing, and paper industries. You don’t actually see Belgium in the photographs, but I’m expressing my experiences and feelings nurtured in Belgium.” The Fulbright Commission has since donated his 24-image exhibition to the museum. ’99, director of the Perczek Performance Institute in Key Biscayne, Florida, uses his experience as a professional athlete and sports psychologist to train individuals and organizations in the area of peak performance.In charge of marketing for the agency is Katrina's mother, Sophia, which increases the amount of stress in the workplace.Outside of the office, Katrina's personal life is at a crossroads. ’77, is a part-time faculty member in the Information Technology program at the University of Phoenix, Las Vegas campus. His work has focused primarily on bladders, which he has successfully implanted into dogs, and he expects to have similar success with human patients. He is president and CEO of American Blackguard, Inc., a Tennessee-based company that offers development and production support for film and television products. P., a private real estate development company headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. ’95, has completed an internal medicine residency program at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. ’96, a Senate legislative assistant, was awarded the Tuskegee Airmen Blades award for her personal contributions to the field of aviation during her military career. In the early 1990s Roberts helped establish Women in Aerospace to expand women’s opportunities for leadership in the field. Atala has engineered a process for generating fully functional organs in a laboratory setting. Tary is founder and president of Master Link Club Services, a golf and private club management firm, and Dorothy is president of Adonis Ventures, Inc., a company that breeds, races, and provides for the adoption of thoroughbred horses. His work has earned him the President’s Award for Journalism, one of the 2003 Leadership and Service Awards from the American National Standards Institute. She resides in Whitestone, New York, and recently was a producer for a film and television pilot. Althouse, who has accompanied his students to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, Madrid, London, and Paris, says his goal as a professor is to “encourage students to discover more about themselves, to allow them the freedom to search for something meaningful, and to help them find a truly satisfying form of creative visual expression.” by the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England. ’95, was appointed senior vice president of the Residential Division at the O’Neill Properties Group, L. Army’s first African-American woman combat intelligence pilot, Chamberlain served on active duty during the Grenada/Panama Invasion and the Persian Gulf War, with three tours in The Republic of Korea and Latin America. She has received national board certification in English and was honored with a listing in the M. “Otherwise, you don’t have any credibility, and credibility is all you’ve got when you’re doing this.” For 16 years, including ten years with Mc Donnell Douglas Corporation prior to its merger with Boeing, she has lobbied Congress on behalf of the company, which is NASA’s primary contractor for space shuttles, the International Space Station, Delta Launch Vehicles, and other aerospace technologies.

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