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They say that “zombies” and so forth are empty metaphysics, and that our only hope of learning about consciousness is to engage with actual facts about the brain. As far as I’m concerned, you absolutely have the option of dismissing Chalmers’ Hard Problem as a navel-gazing distraction from the real work of neuroscience.The one thing you that progress in neuroscience will soon solve the problem if it hasn’t already.As I’ll explain later, this strikes me as a crucial point on which IIT fails.The literature on IIT is too big to do it justice in a blog post.When, in the comment thread about Max’s Mathematical Universe Hypothesis, I expressed doubts about IIT, Max challenged me to back up my doubts with a quantitative calculation.So, this is the post that I promised to Max and all the others, about why I don’t believe IIT.So for example, if someone claims that integrated information “explains” why consciousness exists—nope, sorry!

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But before I can do that, I need to do some philosophical ground-clearing.To his credit, Tononi cheerfully accepts the panpsychist implication: yes, he says, it really does mean that thermostats and photodiodes have small but nonzero levels of consciousness.On the other hand, for the theory to work, it had better be the case that Φ is for “intuitively conscious” systems.Unfortunately, none of those articles will tell you the meat (i.e., the definition of integrated information); for that you need technical papers, like this or this by Tononi, or this by Seth et al.IIT is also described in Christof Koch’s memoir , which I haven’t yet read.

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