Bisa and becca dating site

While stating that she can never commit such a sacrilege which amounts to incest because the latter born Ronald Kwaku Dei Appiah is a ‘small boy’ and her brother, she said Kdei not her match in terms of age.

According to her, engaging in sexual relationship with Bisa Kadei has never crossed her mind and therefore advised those spreading such rumors to stop because it will never cross her mind any day, anytime.

Bisa Kdei's verified Facebook account with over 574,000 followers as well as his Instagram account were hacked on October 29, 2015.

Bisa posted on Twitter confirming the hack and that his media team was working to get it resolved.

In clarifying issues with regards to the rumours he said “There is nothing going on between Becca and I, so now I want to tell everyone that enough is enough because even if another woman is interested in dating me, she would be hesitant because she thinks am dating Becca but that is not true”.

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He hopes to transform lives not just in Africa but the rest of the world and above all, to raise the flag of Africa and be one of the strong pillars people can think of.

However, for some reasons, we do believe the two dated and broke up along the line.

This type of dating is usually common between celebrities.

Bisa Kdei reflected his Christian faith in his Gospel song titled Give It To Baba and on several media platforms, Bisa Kdei has stated – I give it all to God because he is the reason I am here now.

On July 27, it was allegedly reported that Bisa Kdei and female musician, Becca are in a secret relationship.

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